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Dry Transfer Letters

Dry transfer lettering is a type of sticker where you simply peel away the paper right before the design is printed on the surface of the new piece of paper. There are several different technologies that are used in the process, but the end result is a sticker that has been applied with a liquid. The design is transferred onto the paper with very little assistance from a human being. This makes the process highly accurate and prevents errors that can occur during manual stamping.

They are created by printing a special type of ink on a sheet of film with a tool. They are an easier solution to add than the old magnifiers letraset, blades or a burnisher

The different techniques that are used include two-sided lettering and full-color digital lettering. Many businesses that have a need for dry transfer decals will often use both methods. Two-sided lettering allows a design to be printed on one side of the paper while still being repositioned when it becomes damaged. 

Digital lettering allows the client to download a template that is used to create the final product. The final result will have the design on one side of the material and the customer's name and address on the other.

Rub On Transfer Letters

They are often used in museums, for craft projects and in general anywhere letraset tape is used. They make a perfect magnifiers letraset, blades or burnisher tool alternative for custom scale applications of any kind. They’re nearly instant to add which makes them incredibly handy. 

A custom Rub on transfer letter is a great way to add a little color and fun to any of your projects. These are great for weddings, graduations, birthday parties, birthdays, holiday decorations, corporate communications, or just about any other occasion you can think of. They are also a great way to make a big impact with just a few short, but exciting words.

Custom Dry Transfer Printing

A custom dry transfer/Rub-on transfer is an easy to apply decal or sticker that is made by printing a liquid ink onto a transfer paper which is able to be rubbed off without water or any solvents. This type of printing is popularly used in sectors of the printing industry where time and material savings are a major consideration. It has become very cost effective for small to medium-sized businesses and product manufacturers

Dry transfers and rub down decal lettering can even be designed in a way that gives a vintage look and are perfect for product documents and stationary. That’s why many people add them to theseitems.

Usage of Dry Rub

This method of printing has been commonly used in professional printing circles. The concept works by using an exterior dye on the transmittal surface of the print material. The end result is a high quality color image that can often be transferred with relative ease onto other surfaces, including photographic paper. The use of this technique has a number of benefits. It is extremely effective means of transferring a design element from an electronic format to a physical format without having to redraw the document.

Corporations use our dry transfer letters, also called fls “rub on transfers” and “rub down transfers”, for major product prototypes to give them a highly-polished look when you add them. They are also very popular for visual art installation such as those found in museums.

Why Use Letraset

There are many reasons for why people use Letraset. One of the most popular reasons is that it's easy to use and apply. Other reasons include the wide variety of lettering choices, their affordability, and the ease of designing your own custom lettering. 

Letraset offers all of these features and even more. In fact, if you choose to buy a custom lettering surface rather than create your own, Letraset can also work with you in creating the perfect design and style.

Letraset is ideal for use with vinyl decals. You can have all of your favorite music, sports, or other images printed onto your custom vinyl decal. Each lettering on your decal can be printed with the same vivid color so they really look like they were printed right on your lettering surface. 

Letraset can help you create the perfect design for your event and let your creativity shine. You can choose from pre-made designs or come up with your own with the help of their amazing decal creator tool. With over 400 different design templates to choose from, you are sure to find one that will meet your needs.

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